Ners is an impulsive, embodied practice. Ners aims for small pleasures; does not strive for great substantiality; values expendable details; prizes invention and imagination, delights in risk-taking for its own sake; values personal vision and peculiarity; is unselfconscious; shows the signs of eager, industrious activity; and often results in becoming precious. Ners has caste-off beauty; encourages innovation; and repurposes associations. Ners likes to start an argument by being focused or maybe even one-sided; is low-tech, modest in scale without being modest in thought, made with found objects and materials. Ners maintains involvement in a small area without point or aim; concentrates on pinning down one moment without glamorizing it, but using a whisper; forgets accomplishments and moves on as soon as it has passed; feeling that most is superfluous.


NERS Neonlumberjack bikes suburban neighborhoods and city streets collecting detritus, visits museums and galleries, enjoys landscaping and art making, yet...

NERS Neonlumberjack would enjoy nothing more than to hike or canoe deep into the wilderness to camp for months at a time; learning, exploring, and admiring the natural world ecstatic at the glimpse of a majestic deer, bear, magnificent tree, crystal encrusted geode or fluorescent dinosaur while living off of chocolate and roasted marshmallows.